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List of Numbers in Words (1 to 200)

    This page lists the numbers from 1 to 200 in English words.

    How to write a cheque for an amount from 1 to 200?

    You can simply find the English words for 1 to 200 in this page by using your web browser’s Find function.

    If the currency (e.g. dollars, pounds) is not printed on the cheque, you should add it next to the number in words. Here are some examples of cheque amounts written in English words.

    • $37: Thirty seven dollars
    • £91: Tinety one pounds
    • €116: Tne hundred sixteen euros



    List of Numbers in Words (1 to 20)

    NumberAmount in Words
    NumberAmount in Words

    List of Numbers in Words (21 to 40)

    NumberAmount in Words
    21Twenty One
    22Twenty Two
    23Twenty Three
    24Twenty Four
    25Twenty Five
    26Twenty Six
    27Twenty Seven
    28Twenty Eight
    29Twenty Nine
    NumberAmount in Words
    31Thirty One
    32Thirty Two
    33Thirty Three
    34Thirty Four
    35Thirty Five
    36Thirty Six
    37Thirty Seven
    38Thirty Eight
    39Thirty Nine

    List of Numbers in Words (41 to 60)

    NumberAmount in Words
    41Forty One
    42Forty Two
    43Forty Three
    44Forty Four
    45Forty Five
    46Forty Six
    47Forty Seven
    48Forty Eight
    49Forty Nine
    NumberAmount in Words
    51Fifty One
    52Fifty Two
    53Fifty Three
    54Fifty Four
    55Fifty Five
    56Fifty Six
    57Fifty Seven
    58Fifty Eight
    59Fifty Nine

    List of Numbers in Words (61 to 80)

    NumberAmount in Words
    61Sixty One
    62Sixty Two
    63Sixty Three
    64Sixty Four
    65Sixty Five
    66Sixty Six
    67Sixty Seven
    68Sixty Eight
    69Sixty Nine
    NumberAmount in Words
    71Seventy One
    72Seventy Two
    73Seventy Three
    74Seventy Four
    75Seventy Five
    76Seventy Six
    77Seventy Seven
    78Seventy Eight
    79Seventy Nine

    List of Numbers in Words (81 to 100)

    NumberAmount in Words
    81Eighty One
    82Eighty Two
    83Eighty Three
    84Eighty Four
    85Eighty Five
    86Eighty Six
    87Eighty Seven
    88Eighty Eight
    89Eighty Nine
    NumberAmount in Words
    91Ninety One
    92Ninety Two
    93Ninety Three
    94Ninety Four
    95Ninety Five
    96Ninety Six
    97Ninety Seven
    98Ninety Eight
    99Ninety Nine
    100One Hundred

    List of Numbers in Words (101 to 120)

    NumberAmount in Words
    101One Hundred One
    102One Hundred Two
    103One Hundred Three
    104One Hundred Four
    105One Hundred Five
    106One Hundred Six
    107One Hundred Seven
    108One Hundred Eight
    109One Hundred Nine
    110One Hundred Ten
    NumberAmount in Words
    111One Hundred Eleven
    112One Hundred Twelve
    113One Hundred Thirteen
    114One Hundred Fourteen
    115One Hundred Fifteen
    116One Hundred Sixteen
    117One Hundred Seventeen
    118One Hundred Eighteen
    119One Hundred Nineteen
    120One Hundred Twenty

    List of Numbers in Words (121 to 140)

    NumberAmount in Words
    121One Hundred Twenty One
    122One Hundred Twenty Two
    123One Hundred Twenty Three
    124One Hundred Twenty Four
    125One Hundred Twenty Five
    126One Hundred Twenty Six
    127One Hundred Twenty Seven
    128One Hundred Twenty Eight
    129One Hundred Twenty Nine
    130One Hundred Thirty
    NumberAmount in Words
    131One Hundred Thirty One
    132One Hundred Thirty Two
    133One Hundred Thirty Three
    134One Hundred Thirty Four
    135One Hundred Thirty Five
    136One Hundred Thirty Six
    137One Hundred Thirty Seven
    138One Hundred Thirty Eight
    139One Hundred Thirty Nine
    140One Hundred Forty

    List of Numbers in Words (141 to 160)

    NumberAmount in Words
    141One Hundred Forty One
    142One Hundred Forty Two
    143One Hundred Forty Three
    144One Hundred Forty Four
    145One Hundred Forty Five
    146One Hundred Forty Six
    147One Hundred Forty Seven
    148One Hundred Forty Eight
    149One Hundred Forty Nine
    150One Hundred Fifty
    NumberAmount in Words
    151One Hundred Fifty One
    152One Hundred Fifty Two
    153One Hundred Fifty Three
    154One Hundred Fifty Four
    155One Hundred Fifty Five
    156One Hundred Fifty Six
    157One Hundred Fifty Seven
    158One Hundred Fifty Eight
    159One Hundred Fifty Nine
    160One Hundred Sixty

    List of Numbers in Words (161 to 180)

    NumberAmount in Words
    161One Hundred Sixty One
    162One Hundred Sixty Two
    163One Hundred Sixty Three
    164One Hundred Sixty Four
    165One Hundred Sixty Five
    166One Hundred Sixty Six
    167One Hundred Sixty Seven
    168One Hundred Sixty Eight
    169One Hundred Sixty Nine
    170One Hundred Seventy
    NumberAmount in Words
    171One Hundred Seventy One
    172One Hundred Seventy Two
    173One Hundred Seventy Three
    174One Hundred Seventy Four
    175One Hundred Seventy Five
    176One Hundred Seventy Six
    177One Hundred Seventy Seven
    178One Hundred Seventy Eight
    179One Hundred Seventy Nine
    180One Hundred Eighty

    List of Numbers in Words (181 to 200)

    NumberAmount in Words
    181One Hundred Eighty One
    182One Hundred Eighty Two
    183One Hundred Eighty Three
    184One Hundred Eighty Four
    185One Hundred Eighty Five
    186One Hundred Eighty Six
    187One Hundred Eighty Seven
    188One Hundred Eighty Eight
    189One Hundred Eighty Nine
    190One Hundred Ninety
    NumberAmount in Words
    191One Hundred Ninety One
    192One Hundred Ninety Two
    193One Hundred Ninety Three
    194One Hundred Ninety Four
    195One Hundred Ninety Five
    196One Hundred Ninety Six
    197One Hundred Ninety Seven
    198One Hundred Ninety Eight
    199One Hundred Ninety Nine
    200Two Hundred

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