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How to Order a Cheque Book of Barclays?

    Barclays is one of the banks in the UK which still provides chequebooks to customers. If you have a Barclays personal account and would like to request a new cheque book, you can do so in three different ways: online, telephone banking, or branch.

    How to Order the first Cheque Book from Barclays?

    If you’d like to order your first Barclays cheque book on your account, you MUST visit your local branch near you and ask the staff to order the cheque book.

    Find out your nearest Barclays branch in UK.

    How to Order Replacement Cheque Book from Barclays?

    There are 3 ways to order the Barclays cheque book:

    1. Online

    Order a new replacement cheque book online is very easy to do. You can simply go to the cheque book order page in Barclays website and log in. After login, you should choose the account you want to apply for the cheque book and then submit the application.

    2. Telephone Banking

    You can also order a replacement Barclays cheque book by calling their Telephone Banking on 0345 734 5345.

    3. Branch

    If you are not familiar with using online banking and telephone banking, you can also simply visit the local Barclays branch near you.

    How to write a Barclays cheque?

    Below are the steps you will need to do while fill out a cheque:

    1. Write the date in the top right corner
    2. Write the exact name of the recipient next to “Pay”
    3. Write the payment amount in numbers next to the “£” symbol
    4. Write the payment amount in words on the long line
    5. Sign with you signature in the bottom right straight line

    If you are not sure how to write the payment amounts in English words, you can try to use our cheque amount to words converter.