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How to Order a Cheque Book from Lloyds Bank UK?

    Ordering a new cheque book from Lloyds Bank UK is very easy. There is an order form on Lloyds Bank’s website. You don’t need to log in to fill in it.

    LLoyds Bank UK Order Cheque Book Page

    How to Order a Cheque Book from Lloyds Bank UK: Step by Step Tutorial

    Required: A Lloyds Bank current account (not savings account)
    Below are the steps to order the cheque book:

    1. Go to the cheque book order page in Lloyds Bank’s website
    2. Choose “Cheque book”
    3. Input your Title, First Name and Last Name
    4. Input your account’s sort code (It should begin with 30, 77, 87. You can find it on your debit card.)
    5. Input your account number (If your account number is only 7 digits, you should add a 0 in front)
    6. Input your Post code (It should be the same as what you have saved in Lloyds Bank’s system
    7. Input your Email address
    8. Finally, click the “Submit” button

    Once you have applied, the cheque book will be posted to your registered address within 4 working days (according to Lloyds Bank’s website).

    It’s important to note that if your address is changed within the last 3 months, you have to order the cheque book in the branch or by using telephone banking via 0345 300 2750.

    How long does it take to order a cheque book from Lloyds Bank UK?

    According to Lloyds Bank’s website, they will post your cheque book within 4 business days.

    What is inside Lloyds Bank’s cheque book in 2022?

    The Lloyds Bank cheque book includes a green cover, instruction pages, and 25 pages of cheques.

    How to write a Lloyds Bank cheque?

    It’s very easy to write a cheque. The process consists of only 5 steps in total. The steps are as follows:

    1. Write the date
    2. Write the exact name of payee
    3. Write the payment amounts in numbers
    4. Write the payment amounts in words
    5. Sign the cheque

    If you are not sure how to write the payment amounts in English words, our converter can help to convert the amounts to words. Feel free to use!