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Cheque Amount to Words Converter

Welcome to our convenient online tool for converting cheque amounts to words.

With our free converter, you can easily transform the numerical figures on your cheque into English words, including the cents. Simply input the cheque amount into the provided box, and watch as it’s instantly translated into text. Whether you need assistance with cheque writing or converting cheque numbers to words, our user-friendly converter has got you covered.

Please input the cheque amount into the below box:

How to use this cheque amount to words converter?

To convert the cheque amount to words, simply input the number you would like to convert into the “Number” box and then press the “Convert” button. This converter will then convert the cheque amount from numbers to words with cents.

We also provide the All Caps format for your reference.

Cheque Amount to Words Converter

How to batch convert multiple cheque amounts to words?

You can use this Cheque Amounts to Words Batch Converter. It can help you batch convert multiple cheque numbers to words at once. Feel free to try it!

How to write a cheque?

Writing a cheque is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. A cheque (or check) is a type of payment that allows you to pay someone directly from your bank account, and it is a secure and convenient way to transfer money. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know to write a cheque properly, so that you can avoid common mistakes and ensure that your payment is processed smoothly.

Step 1: Write the Date

The first thing you need to do when writing a cheque is to fill in the date. This is important because it determines when the cheque can be cashed or deposited. Write the date in the format of month, day and year, and make sure that it is the current date or a future date. If the cheque is not cashed within a specified period of time, it will become invalid.

Step 2: Write the Payee’s Name

Next, write the name of the person or organization that you are paying. This is known as the payee. Write the name clearly and legibly in the “Pay to the Order Of” line. If the name is too long to fit on the line, write “or bearer” after the name.

Step 3: Write the Amount in Numbers

In the box on the right side of the cheque, write the amount you want to pay in numbers. Make sure to write the amount correctly, including dollars and cents. For example, if you want to pay $100.50, write “100.50” in the box.

Step 4: Write the Amount in Words

Below the payee’s name, write the amount of the cheque in words. Write out the full amount, including dollars and cents, and make sure the amount matches the amount written in numbers. For example, if you want to pay $1,250, write “One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Dollars”. You can also add “Only” at the end.

Step 5: Add a Memo

On the line below the amount in words, you can add a memo or notation to explain the purpose of the cheque. This is optional, but it can be helpful if you need to keep track of your expenses. For example, you might write “Rent for March” or “Gift for Peter”.

Step 6: Sign the Cheque

Finally, sign the cheque in the signature line. Your signature should match the signature on file with your bank. If the signature does not match, the cheque will not be processed.

Writing a cheque is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few simple steps. By following these steps, you can ensure that your payment is processed smoothly and that your cheque is not returned for errors or mistakes. Remember to always write legibly and keep your cheques secure until you are ready to deposit or cash them.

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Quick List



Cheque Number to Words (1 – 20)

NumberAmount in wordsNumberAmount in words
1One Dollar11Eleven Dollars
2Two Dollars12Twelve Dollars
3Three Dollars13Thirteen Dollars
4Four Dollars14Fourteen Dollars
5Five Dollars15Fifteen Dollars
6Six Dollars16Sixteen Dollars
7Seven Dollars17Seventeen Dollars
8Eight Dollars18Eighteen Dollars
9Nine Dollars19Nineteen Dollars
10Ten Dollars20Twenty Dollars

Cheque Number to Words (21 – 40)

NumberAmount in wordsNumberAmount in words
21Twenty-One Dollar31Thirty-One Dollars
22Twenty-Two Dollars32Thirty-Two Dollars
23Twenty-Three Dollars33Thirty-Three Dollars
24Twenty-Four Dollars34Thirty-Four Dollars
25Twenty-Five Dollars35Thirty-Five Dollars
26Twenty-Six Dollars36Thirty-Six Dollars
27Twenty-Seven Dollars37Thirty-Seven Dollars
28Twenty-Eight Dollars38Thirty-Eight Dollars
29Twenty-Nine Dollars39Thirty-Nine Dollars
30Thirty Dollars40Forty Dollars

Cheque Number to Words (41 – 60)

NumberAmount in wordsNumberAmount in words
41Forty-One Dollars51Fifty-One Dollars
42Forty-Two Dollars52Fifty-Two Dollars
43Forty-Three Dollars53Fifty-Three Dollars
44Forty-Four Dollars54Fifty-Four Dollars
45Forty-Five Dollars55Fifty-Five Dollars
46Forty-Six Dollars56Fifty-Six Dollars
47Forty-Seven Dollars57Fifty-Seven Dollars
48Forty-Eight Dollars58Fifty-Eight Dollars
49Forty-Nine Dollars59Fifty-Nine Dollars
50Fifty Dollars60Sixty Dollars

Cheque Number to Words (61 – 80)

NumberAmount in wordsNumberAmount in words
61Sixty-One Dollars71Seventy-One Dollars
62Sixty-Two Dollars72Seventy-Two Dollars
63Sixty-Three Dollars73Seventy-Three Dollars
64Sixty-Four Dollars74Seventy-Four Dollars
65Sixty-Five Dollars75Seventy-Five Dollars
66Sixty-Six Dollars76Seventy-Six Dollars
67Sixty-Seven Dollars77Seventy-Seven Dollars
68Sixty-Eight Dollars78Seventy-Eight Dollars
69Sixty-Nine Dollars79Seventy-Nine Dollars
70Seventy Dollars80Eighty Dollars

Cheque Number to Words (81 – 100)

NumberAmount in wordsNumberAmount in words
81Eighty-One Dollars91Ninety-One Dollars
82Eighty-Two Dollars92Ninety-Two Dollars
83Eighty-Three Dollars93Ninety-Three Dollars
84Eighty-Four Dollars94Ninety-Four Dollars
85Eighty-Five Dollars95Ninety-Five Dollars
86Eighty-Six Dollars96Ninety-Six Dollars
87Eighty-Seven Dollars97Ninety-Seven Dollars
88Eighty-Eight Dollars98Ninety-Eight Dollars
89Eighty-Nine Dollars99Ninety-Nine Dollars
90Ninety Dollars100One Hundred Dollars

1-100 Number Word Chart

1-100 Number Word Chart

1-100 Number Word Chart